It's podcast time! This week, Managing Editor Brandon Turkus is our guest to talk about his recent experience driving a Land Rover Defender 90 during some snowfall in Michigan. We also dig into some recent automotive news and do a cheap car challenge.

We start with Brandon telling us about his experience with the Land Rover Defender 90. During his week with the SUV, his area got around 8 inches of snow, so this was a perfect opportunity to find out how the model performed in slippery conditions. In general, he's very positive about the vehicle. However, its tires weren't great during his time in this weather. 


Next, we talk about the reports of snow intruding into the cabin of Ford Broncos with the soft-top roof. While we are seeing reports of this happening, the reason remains a mystery. 

The Alfa Romeo Tonale debuted this week, and we have a debate about its appearance. The specs are strong in the segment. However, Bruce argues that the vehicle's design isn't very inspiring. Turkus disagrees.

Our next topic was this year's Super Bowl commercials. At the time we recorded the episode, we only knew about the ones from Nissan, Kia, and the teasers for the ads from GM and BMW. Polestar and Toyota will have spots, too.

We end the show with a cheap car challenge. Specifically, the goal is to find a vehicle to take off-roading for $3,000.

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