Does Ford have another issue with tops on the Bronco? We recently reported on a Bronco owner in the northern reaches of Canada who found his interior literally full of snow after sitting outside during a blizzard. The owner pledged to that the soft top was secure and the windows were up, but controversy surrounded the images with many people believing something was left open, either accidentally or on purpose.

Now, there's a second Bronco owner with a snowy interior after sitting outside in heavy snow and 60 mph winds. forum member BroncoCanuck recently shared two videos inside a 2021 four-door Big Bend trim level, capturing snow literally as it was coming in. The driver-side rear seat has a light coating of snow, with a heavier concentration above it around one of the top hinges. A dusting of snow is visible all across the headliner, with more snow piling up at the back. The video gets up close to the various top connections, with BroncoCanuck confirming everything was properly latched and the windows up tight.

The videos aren't embeddable, but you can see them at the forum post. Screenshots are available below.

Gallery: Ford Bronco Snow Intrusion To Interior

At the suggestion of a forum member, towels were stuffed around the rollbar where the top rests. That along with repositioning the Bronco kept additional snow from entering. A few other members suggested alignment issues with the top could be a problem, as well as mid-point latches at the B-pillar which can apparently be finicky. In a message to, BroncoCanuck confirmed (again) that everything was indeed latched and secured properly. On the flip side, one forum member claimed their Bronco weathered a similar blizzard outside without any issues. contacted Ford to ask about any possible issues or investigations regarding soft tops sealing. A spokesperson offered the following statement:

"We've only seen something like this when the roof has been left open or unlatched. The customer should flag this concern with their dealer to inspect what might have happened in these photos. If there’s an issue, it would be covered under warranty. However, until an inspection is completed, this is all speculation."

User error, or a design issue? With large portions of the United States and Canada currently experiencing a wave of extreme winter weather, it will be interesting to see if more reports of snowy Bronco interiors surface, or if these are two isolated incidents.

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