Bentley debuted its latest concept car, the EXP 100 GT, last July. Designed to preview the brand’s future in the year 2035, the electric, autonomous vehicle, impresses even on a surface level. But as is the case with any Bentley, the details are what set this car apart– and we got a closer look at some of those details when the EXP 100 GT traveled to Miami for Art Basel.

Blending old-school Bentley design cues with futuristic touches, the EXP 100 GT concept looks absolutely wild in the metal. The massive grille (made up of 6,000 LED bulbs), gives the front fascia an unmistakable expression. When in autonomous mode, the grille’s lights display messages, warning other cars and pedestrians of the Bentley’s intentions. 

Measuring 19-feet long (a foot longer than a Chevrolet Suburban), the EXP has elegant proportions, with large doors that cut into the roof panel and a long, sweeping hood. There’s a healthy mix of aluminum and copper, both of which are more environmentally friendly materials that Bentley intends on using decades from now. Other special exterior details include the massive wheels, with spokes that open and close to enhance aerodynamic flow, and the OLED display which surrounds the taillights.

Bentley EXP 100 GT At Monterey
Bentley EXP 100 GT At Monterey
Bentley EXP 100 GT Concept

Open the oversized gullwing-style door and an interior that looks completely foreign to today’s cars greets you. The seats offer multiple configurations, including layouts for up to four passengers and the ability to adjust for autonomous driving. As a battery-powered vehicle, designers used the vacant space beneath the hood to store items like food and water, which transfer to the cabin via a passageway. While there are no infotainment screens in view, the cabin includes a central artificial intelligence system with a glass interface and three-dimensional stitching which illuminates in the door panels. 

The best detail of the car, however, is hidden within the door frame. Sealed beneath a copper plaque is a document signed by every current Bentley employee. In addition to being a future-previewing concept, the EXP also functions as a celebration of Bentley’s centenary. To mark the occasion, Bentley designers included this hidden touch as a time capsule, which the company will reopen another hundred years from now. It’s the cherry atop a car filled with amazing design touches, many that we can only hope make it to production in the future. 

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