From the 1990s forward – and forgiving the few car enthusiasts for whom horsepower is the primary good thing about a sports car – the appearance of a new Mazda Miata on the market has been reason to celebrate.

Lightweight, inexpensive, and rear-wheel-drive, every version of the MX-5 has been a joy to drive and, if millions of owners are to be believed, relatively painless to own.

So when this off-white Club edition of the newest (that’s ND) Miata showed up at my door, I was genuinely excited to test it for a week, and to use it as the subject of the latest Why Buy? video.  After all, the chuckable Mazda may be a quintessential ‘enthusiast’ car, but it’s also one that ends up in garages in greater numbers than just about every other convertible, just about every year.

The MX-5 Miata RF may have garnered millions of eyeballs at this year’s New York Auto Show, but for my money the swiftness and convenience of the soft top still speaks to the purity of the car. The ability to stow or raise the top in just seconds means you’re more likely to drive with it down, which means the chances of getting the full experience are higher.

Enjoy all of that, along with the hilarity of seeing a very tall editor in a very compact cockpit, in the video, here. And if you like what you see in this Why Buy? please do subscribe to the Motor1 YouTube channel for much more.

Engine 2.0L I4
Output 155 Horsepower / 148 Pound-Feet
Transmission 6-Speed Manual
EPA Fuel Economy 27 City / 34 Highway / 30 Combined
As-Tested Price $32,820


Gallery: 2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata | Why Buy?

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