Mercury Comet 427 SOHC A-FX Super Cyclone

"Dyno Don” Nicholson began racing on the circle tracks and dry lake beds of California in the 1940s, and first came to prominence as an expert engine tuner with an almost supernatural ability to extract maximum horsepower from almost any type of powerplant. He soon drew the attention of Chevrolet and then Mercury, both of whom in turn capitalized on his talents both on the dyno and at the track with factory support, and in 1965 he entered the hot new Factory Experimental circuit with this A/FX Mercury Comet Cyclone. 

Ford’s new 427 SOHC engine powered the lightweight machine to the tune of 700 horsepower with the benefit of Nicholson’s touch. The car went through numerous changes to both chassis and engine as the year progressed, including altering the wheelbase in typical contemporary FX practice. The FX class soon evolved into the first tube-framed, fiberglass flip-body funny cars, and the Comet disappeared for decades until it was located and carefully restored to its original state. Special features are on display throughout, from the well-finished interior to the massive 427 Cammer under the twin-scooped fiberglass hood. Many handmade components are unique to this car, and evidence of Nicholson's craftsmanship. There is no doubt about this car’s significant historical value. Don Nicholson’s A/FX Comet Cyclone was one of the fastest factory racers of its time and a direct forerunner of the first flip-top funny cars. Its authenticity and level of finish make it a visual knockout that beautifully recalls a revolutionary time in drag racing.

Part of the Mecum Auctions event in Indianapolis in May, 2013.

Source: Mecum Auctions

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Mercury Comet 427 SOHC A-FX Super Cyclone