On the Corvette Z06, Chevrolet offers a carbon-fiber aero package with either an exposed weave or black paint. Unlike, say, Ferrari or McLaren, which let buyers select carbon-fiber fixings a la carte, the Z06's trim is uniform. Except on a handful of 2024 models, and yes, Chevy is aware of this.

The issue first emerged in a video from YouTube channel Horsepower Obsessed, which features a Z06 with exposed-weave trim on all but its splitter. It's quite obvious, since the splitter sits just below dive planes that have an exposed carbon-fiber finish. 

The owner noticed the issue immediately, and raised concerns with the dealer. Apparently, they're not alone, as GM issued a Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) addressing the problem. Per Corvette Blogger, the TSB tells dealers to "[a]sk the customer if the want to receive the vehicle with the incorrect front splitter and return later for the correct part, or wait for the correct one before delivery. If could be a few weeks for the parts to arrive."

Functionally, there should be no issue as the splitters are the same other than the finish. Frankly, we think the Z06 looks cool with the mismatched parts, and who knows? In a few decades at Corvettes at Carlisle, you could have the only Z06 there that came from the factory with the wrong splitter. 

Of course, one also can understand why owners would be mad. The visible carbon-fiber aero pack costs $2,000 more than the black-painted equivalent, and owners should get what they paid for.

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