Hennessey Performance doesn't yet offer modifications for the Chevrolet Corvette Z06, but that might change soon. A new video shows the company putting the car on the dyno to find out how much power the LT6 5.5-liter V8 makes at the wheels.

Hennessey's dyno shows the Z06 producing 600.36 horsepower at 8,340 rpm and 406.55 pound-feet at 6,730 rpm. For comparison, the stock output from the factory is 670 hp at 8,400 and 460 lb-ft at 6,300 rpm.

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The microphones in this video do a fantastic job of capturing the noise that the flat-plane-crankshaft-equipped V8 makes. The sound out of the trumpet-shaped exhaust pipes is like a banshee's wail at high revs. Expect to hear that sound a lot because the powerplant's redline is at 8,600 rpm, and a driver nearly needs to take it there to extract the maximum output from the LT6.

Hennessey's results are similar to earlier dyno runs for the Z06, where a video showed three attempts from the same car. The results were 596.53 hp and 422.21 lb-ft; 599.89 hp and 424.51 lb-ft; and 610.83 hp and 419.84 lb-ft.

The Z06 went on sale in 2022. However, supply shortages caused issues with delivering the 2023 model year of the sports car. A lack of supply for the carbon-fiber parts in the Z07 package is reportedly among the reasons for these delays.

Meanwhile, an even hotter Corvette is on the horizon. Recent spy shots and videos show that what appears to be the ZR1 is under development. It would have a more aggressive body and more power. This vehicle features additional openings in the hood and the rear fenders. The wing is much bigger, too.c 

The ZR1 reportedly uses a twin-turbo version of the LT6 that would boost the output to around 850 hp. From there, a Zora version would allegedly arrive, making roughly 1,000 hp.

If you're curious about our experience driving the Z06, then check out this video:

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