The Corvette Museum has released a full breakdown of 2023 Chevrolet Corvette sales, giving us some insight into how buyers specified their cars over the past year. Among the 53,785 Corvettes sold, just 6,413 were Z06s. And of those Z06s, just 20 (!) were painted in Caffeine, the brown color shown above.

Production of the Corvette went up 108 percent over 2022, likely due to fewer supply constraints stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the data published by Corvette Blogger, Chevy built 27,943 coupes and 25,842 convertibles in 2023, a 52/48-percent split. Interestingly, the spread is flipped when you look at Z06s alone, with 3109 coupes and 3,304 convertibles produced. We totally understand — we'd get a convertible too simply to better hear all 8600 rpm from the car's flat-plane-crank V8.

Things get more interesting once you look at sales by color. Torch Red was the most popular shade, with 7,896 units produced (15 percent of all 2023 Corvette sales). It's followed closely behind by Arctic White at 7216 cars, then Black at 6,403 units.

2022 Chevrolet Corvette Caffeine

Chevy sold just 536 Caffeine-colored Corvettes, less than one percent of all production in 2023. Of those cars, 516 were Stingrays. The remaining 20 Z06s were split in half between 10 coupes and 10 convertibles. If you happen to own a brown Z06, just know you have one of the rarest mid-engine Corvettes on the planet — a fact we're sure will help boost the car's price at a Mecum auction 30 years from now. And it's not like Chevy is building any more. The company dropped Caffeine and another color, Elkhart Blue, from the Corvette's color lineup starting in 2024, replaced by Riptide Blue and Cacti, a sort of green-grey color first shown on the E-Ray.

Caffeine wasn't the only unpopular color for the Corvette in 2023. In second-to-last place sits Silver Flare, with just 1695 units produced. It's followed by Accelerate, the bright yellow color, at 1898 cars built. Those shades represent just 3 and 4 percent of production, respectively. 

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