The Jeep Avenger offers electric, hybrid, and combustion powertrain options for buyers in Europe. One thing it doesn't have is four-wheel drive – arguably the defining feature for a Jeep. That will change later this year, courtesy of the new Jeep Avenger 4xe.

The Avenger isn't a plug-in hybrid like other 4xe models, however. This one uses a 48-volt mild hybrid system, combining a 134-horsepower internal combustion engine with two 28-horsepower electric motors. One of the motors is integrated into a six-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission, and with the help of Jeep's "power looping" technology, all four wheels can get power regardless of the battery's state of charge. The Avenger 4xe can also run purely on electric power at low speeds, though there's no specific range mentioned.

Jeep Avenger 4xe (2024)
Jeep Avenger 4xe (2024)

Details on the Avenger 4xe are slim right now, but renderings released by the brand show a buffed-up version of the SUV with a new front fascia that looks virtually identical to the Avenger 4x4 Concept shown at the Paris Motor Show back in 2022. There's a prominent roof rack up top, but aside from the front view pictured here, that's all we have for now.

“The new Jeep Avenger 4xe represents a turning point for the brand," said Eric Laforge, head of Jeep in Europe. "The latest version of our successful model brings together the compactness and versatility of Avenger with the performance of the all-wheel drive system. The result is an unparalleled capability for a more dynamic driving experience. The new Avenger 4xe is completing the brand’s offering of 4x4 SUV in all segments."

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There's no indication thus far that the Avenger – in any trim – will be sold in North America. As for Europe, Jeep promises order banks for the 4xe will open before the end of 2024. In other words, stay tuned for more information.

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