Last week Dodge released photos showing the new Charger without any camouflage. Now, we're seeing it on the I-75 Freeway in Michigan, not too far from the automaker's headquarters.

This clip published to Instagram by the user @connor.mink gives us a great look at the Charger's tail, particularly its rear lighting arrangement. The lamps resemble the existing model's lights but have boxy, pixel-like graphics.


The rear glass appears to be sharply angled, and it seems to offer decent rearward visibility, judging by how much of the rear seat headrests we can see. A small wing on the decklid seems more for style than a functional piece for improving aerodynamics.

Though there are rumors of a combustion-powered Charger, the lack of tailpipes means this Charger prototype is likely an EV. Unfortunately there's no chance to hear the car's synthetic Fratzonic exhaust sound, first teased in 2022, in in this video. 

2025 Dodge Charger

Official photos released by Dodge (above) provide a better look at the front of the new Charger. The design mixes elements from the current Challenger and the 1968-1970 Charger. There are modern touches like the wing at the very tip of the nose. 

So far, we don't know too much about the new Charger's interior. Renderings show the concept with a minimalist cabin (below), a digital instrument cluster, and a roughly hexagonal infotainment screen. There are a few physical buttons beneath the display, but otherwise the console is simple, with the gearshift as the most prominent element.

Dodge Charger Daytona SRT Concept Interior

The company's been mum on power figures, but rumors point to customers being able to select multiple power outputs with figures between 455 hp and 880 hp. And if a combustion-powered version does become available, all signs point to Dodge's the twin-turbo 3.0-liter inline-six Hurricane engine, which can make up to 510 hp in some Jeep trims.

The Charger is expected to debut before summer, and hit dealerships before the end of 2024. No pricing details are available yet, though considering test mules are already on the road, more info should be available soon.

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