Not that the previous Mercedes-AMG GT was lightweight by any means, but the new 2024 model is significantly heavier. By adding two extra seats and a bevy of driving and interior technology, the AMG GT has undergone a pretty significant weight gain. Thanks to some digging from Road & Track, the publication confirmed that the new GT weighs more than 4,000 pounds. 

The new 2024 model is nearly 800 pounds heavier than the old, two-seat base GT. Both the 2024 AMG GT 55 and GT 63 tip the scales at 4,343 pounds while the previous AMG GT weighed 3,560 pounds out of the box. Even slightly heavier versions of the outgoing GT were still much lighter than this new version; the AMG GT R, for example, weighed 3,686 pounds.

2024 Mercedes-AMG GT Coupe

Compared to some of its chief rivals, like the Porsche 911, the GT is one of the heftiest cars of the group. The base 911 Carrera 4 is 3,460 pounds, the more powerful 911 Carrera 4 GTS is 3,536 pounds, and the 911 Turbo is 3,635 pounds. Even the Turbo is 708 pounds lighter than the lightest 2024 AMG GT.

Here's how the new AMG GT compares to some of its main competitors:

  Base Curb Weight
Mercedes-AMG GT 4,343 Pounds
BMW M4 3,830 Pounds
BMW M8 4,295 Pounds
Nissan GT-R 3,933 Pounds
Porsche 911 3,460 Pounds

The reason for the GT's added weight gain is twofold. Not only does the sports car add two extra seats, but it also borrows hydraulic anti-roll bars from the SL convertible, plus it gains a fancy new interior with a bigger screen and more technology.  

And to be fair to the new AMG GT, it is only available in powerful 55 and 63 versions currently – there is no 43 base model that uses the same 375-hp engine as the SL convertible (yet). A version of the AMG GT with the SL’s four-cylinder would definitely be lighter than either of the V8-powered models listed here.

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