The next-generation 2024 Ford Mustang launches next week. Ford gave the iconic pony car a thorough makeover, adding many new technologies. The owner's manual, discovered online by, provides a peek at all the features and settings future owners will soon enjoy if their Mustang comes equipped with them.

One of the Mustang's newest features is Remote Rev (p. 76), which allows owners to rev the engine through the key fob. The feature only works once the engine is at its optimal temperature. The manual states that it could take the vehicle up to one minute to reach its appropriate system temperature when ambient air temps are 41 degrees Fahrenheit or above. It could take longer than that if temperatures are below 41 degrees.

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The Remote Rev function will not work if the engine oil, coolant, or catalytic converter temps are too high or too low. The system automatically switches the active exhaust to the track position to increase the auditory awesomeness.

Driving any car through standing water is dangerous, especially when it is difficult to determine its depth. Ford cautions owners of the EcoBoost and GT not to drive in water deeper than the bottom of the Mustang's front rocker area (p. 276). The Dark Horse has a different standard, which was discovered by readers. 

Due to the model's additional aerodynamic devices, Ford cautions Dark Horse drivers never to drive through water higher than the bottom of the rim. According to the manual, "Water may enter through the air intake due to the vacuum generated in the engine." If a Dark Horse driver must drive through deep or standing water, the Blue Oval says drivers should not exceed 10 mph.

Ford dedicated many of the manual's pages to the new infotainment system and the driver's display. The new Mustang has speed sign recognition, driver alert, Amazon's Alexa, and more cutting-edge features and customization options.

The manual also reminded us that not every Mustang is the same inside (p. 186). Models without the Performance Package feature an electric parking brake switch. Only Mustangs with the Performance Pack get the traditional parking brake handle.

The automaker has around 13,000 orders for the 2024 Mustang, with the majority – 67 percent – ordering the V8-powered GT. Twenty-seven percent of orders are for the six-speed manual gearbox. Shipments begin next week, with the entry-level Mustang EcoBoost starting at $32,515. The Mustang GT starts at $44,090, while the Dark Horse commands $60,850.

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