People are finding new and very creative ways to travel around the world. Technology and affordable used cars give us many opportunities to build a dream camper and hit the road with all we need on board. Some people need giant luxury motorhomes, while others are fine with living in a Japanese crossover turned into a smart camper. Nate and his dog Bobby, for example, are the type of travelers that don’t need a million-dollar RV to be happy and explore the planet.

As a base for his overlander, Nate uses an old 2005 Honda CR-V. The second generation of the SUV was a robust and durable vehicle with a boxy shape that leaves enough room for the interior to be turned into a cozy living area. Nate is a videographer and photographer and his main goal was to create a camper that can sleep one person and has enough storage space for all of his professional equipment. And a place where his dog can sleep, too.

It’s hard to believe that a living area that is as small as this CR-V is on the inside has a fridge, but Nate has an electric cooling box that’s located right below his bed and is connected to the vehicle’s electric system. He’s even put an extra layer of insulation to lower the fridge’s energy consumption and keep his drinks cooler.

Of course, keeping such a small space organized needs as many drawers as you could fit. Nate’s solution is a plastic three-drawer storage organizer and many other smaller plastic drawers hidden in different spaces under and around the bed. Bobby, his dog, has his own place on the front passenger seat where he sleeps and travels with a view from the crossover’s windshield. Last but not least, there’s a small diesel heater with a smartly integrated exhaust pipe underneath the vehicle. 

Are you considering living a life on the road for the next few months with your old SUV? What upgrades you might need? What difficulties you might encounter? Nate can give you (almost) all the answers in the video at the top of this page, in which he reviews his 2005 CR-V camper.

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