This video is a classic example of the age-old mantra if you want something done right, do it yourself. Not satisfied with the styling, quality, and prices of existing camper trailers on the market, this headstrong couple found a used 18-foot tandem-axle cargo trailer for $5,000. They spent another $15,000 turning it into a cozy home away from home, which brings us to the video above.

Say hello to Corey and Cait. They're the builders of this stealthy DIY camper conversion, which still looks very much like a cargo hauler from the outside. A keen eye might spot an air conditioning unit mounted on the tongue, and some might wonder about three small windows in a basic trailer. But we suspect most people wouldn't give this rig a second thought if it passed by on the highway.

Open the doors, however, and one discovers a surprisingly spacious camper that looks fantastic. Rear barn doors open to a sitting and dining area, featuring a swivel table and a bench seat long enough to stretch out on for a nap. A sizable kitchen takes up a majority of the trailer, with a big countertop and sink on the right side. A secondary counter is at the front, next to a stand-up shower and toilet. The trailer carries a 30-gallon freshwater tank, a 20-gallon gray tank, and a 5-gallon black tank. There's also a propane-powered hot water heater on board, and cooking is handled with a portable propane stove.

A standard electrical system can run off batteries, or plug into shore power when it's available. Outlets are scattered throughout the trailer, and as we mentioned previously, there is an air conditioner to keep things cool in the summer. It's actually a heater / AC combo, and with spray insulation underneath the custom tile and cabinets, the trailer is said to regulate heat quite well. When it comes time for rest, there's a short Queen bed that lowers electrically from the ceiling at the push of a button. As Corey states in the video, it's a feature he's rather proud of.

This isn't the first cargo trailer camper conversion we've seen, but it's certainly among the nicest DIY camping projects we've encountered over the years.

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