We’ve all been there: learning how to drive the family’s car with dad or someone else sitting in the passenger seat, giving instructions that would stick for the rest of our driving life. 

Sometimes it goes flawlessly, but sometimes mistakes are made, and there’s nothing the person sitting in the passenger seat can do, as most times the teenager is driving something that doesn’t have dual controls.

The latter happened in the video embedded at the top of this page, where a young man was learning how to drive on some country lanes in Bloomington, Indiana, while his father was very calmly explaining what to do next.

However, at one point, the duo came across a huge pothole in the middle of an intersection, which the kid tried to avoid, but because he had little to no experience with the pedals and steering wheel, it looks like he didn’t get to straighten the steering as quick as he should have, so the car ended up climbing a retaining wall on the right side of the road.

Even though the speed was minimal, the car rolled over on its side, breaking a window and putting an abrupt end to the driving lesson. Also, the language changed quite a bit, even though they both remained calm, so heads-up for some NSFW words here and there.

As far as we can work out from the video, both men were uninjured and managed to climb out of the crashed car, which is always a good sign. Windows can be replaced and bodywork can be repaired, but there’s nothing more important than people escaping unharmed from a car accident.

That’s not to say car crashes can’t be entertaining. In fact, there’s an annual event in Alaska that takes place on July 4th where cars are literally launched off a cliff for everyone’s amusement. It's advertised as a "day of freedom, family, fun, faith, friends, and food."

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