Converting old school buses into full-time tiny homes is still very popular around the world. Usually, we see individuals or couples making the leap to vanlife, especially when the conversion involves a smaller vehicle. In this instance, we have the rare combination of a young family enjoying adventures in a small bus, but don't let the size fool you. This clever conversion is actually surprisingly spacious inside.

Sharing their project with Tiny Home Tours on YouTube are the Chandlers. They're newcomers to the scene with just a couple of months under their belts, but the International 3800 bus they created is far from entry-level. For starters, that's not a standard school bus roof – the top was cut and raised to make room for a loft over the cab. It also created enough space at the rear to accommodate a king-size bed up high, with garage space and a secluded room for the family's two large dogs beneath. That's not bad for seasoned bus-building veterans, never mind skoolie newbies.

School Bus Camper Conversion

In between the loft and the cab is a kitchen more akin to a sizable apartment than a small bus. A counter sits between a full-size refrigerator/freezer and a farm sink that doubles as a small bathtub for the kids. There's a four-burner stove and oven tucked in there, and when more countertop space is needed, sections fit neatly atop the sink and stove. There's even a trash compactor and a special coffee nook that can be operated through an app. These folks might be living on the road, but they definitely aren't roughing it.

Across from the kitchen is a small living space with a table for eating and activities. A full bathroom features a large stand-up shower and a toilet, and the bus carries 100 gallons of fresh water as well as a 40-gallon gray water tank. The roof features 600 watts of solar power as well as a deck for relaxing, though the aforementioned king-size bed with a retractable flat-screen TV looks like a nice place to relax as well. Curtains offer mom and dad some privacy at the back, while the loft atop the cab is dedicated to the kids.


Called The Sundance Bus, the Chandlers are chronicling their adventures through YouTube as well as Instagram. The embedded post above offers a glimpse of those adventures thus far, including the process of removing and raising the roof on a bus. That's not something you just do on a whim, but the end result looks amazing.

According to the video, future plans include adding more power and possibly revising the water situation. For now, however, the family seems very happy with their custom home.

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