The Bentley Batur offers the Mulliner personalization division the opportunity to showcase the future of sustainable luxury. The company highlights what's possible by presenting customers with four possible themes for specifying the machine. Of the 18 cars going into production, 16 of them are currently in the specification process.

The Nebula theme features a Wasabi green body and Gloss Black Crystal exterior trim. The interior has a matching color scheme, and the dashboard features laser etching.

Gallery: Bentley Batur Mulliner Personalization

The Supernova theme mixes Sunbeam orange paint and Atlantic Pearl Crystal details on the body kit. The cabin mixes the shades Indigo Night, Beluga, Ceramic Glaze, and Hyperactive.

For the Hyperspace look, the body is the color Daybright Blue with St James Red accents. The cabin is Pillar Box Red.

Finally, the Dark Matter theme combines Fine Brodgar and Black Crystal paint. The edge of the grille is Cyber Yellow for an extra bit of color. The exhaust outlets have titanium details. The interior has Burnt Oak leather with Beluga Black accents and aluminum trim.

To be more environmentally friendly, the Batur uses a sustainable, flax-based material rather than carbon fiber for elements of the body kit and some internal surfaces.

Buyers have several green choices for the upholstery. There's leather that uses less water and aldehyde than traditional tanning. Traceable, low-CO2 hides are also available. A textile that comes from the byproducts of the coffee roasting process is another choice. The carpets come from recycled yarn.

Bentley is packing the Batur with luxury, in addition to using environmentally friendly materials. For example, there are 3d-printed, 18-karat gold elements. Titanium pieces are also in the cabin.

The Batur is the final model to be available with a twin-turbo 6.0-liter W12 engine before the powerplant ends production in April 2024. In this application, the mill makes 740 horsepower and 737 pound-feet.

The Batur starts at roughly $2 million (1.65 million pounds), and that's before buyers add their personalization selections. Deliveries begin in mid-2023.

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