Motorhomes, RVs, and camper vans are popular outside of America, giving travelers around the world a plethora of vehicle options. A new video shows off the Kabe Imperial i860 LQB, an expensive motorhome that has the design and features to justify its price tag.

The motorhome, which Swedish manufacturer Kabe builds, comes with some unique design choices. At the front is a large dinette area with an L-shaped bench on one side and a standard one on the other. The front cabin seats also swivel, increasing the seating capacity around the table. The front also features a drop-down bed for additional sleeping space.

The kitchen has a three-burner cooktop, a fridge and freezer combo, drawer space, cabinetry, and a small grille above the freezer. The small hall in the Kabe Imperial i860 LQB separates the bathroom in half, with the small bathroom closet on one side and the shower on the other. The bathroom door can swing open to close off the space from the front of the motorhome.

The bedroom is at the back and has a darker aesthetic than the rest of the RV. It has a split-bed design, with steps leading up to the platform. It can also convert into a full-size sleeping space. There's ample storage above the bed and narrow closets on either side of the entrance, which can be closed off from the rest of the unit with a sliding fabric door. The beds also have storage spaces underneath them, which house some of the vehicle's systems.

The i860 LGB measures 347 inches long, 91 inches wide, and 81 inches tall while riding on a Mercedes chassis with a 170-horsepower engine that powers the front wheels. The motorhome is not cheap, with a 237,300 euros price tag ($254,574 at today's exchange rates), but that money appears to buy a super-solid motorhome that should withstand the abuse of day-to-day use.

Motorhomes and campers can be just as expensive across the pond, and it's always interesting to see various design ideas. However, the i860 LGB isn't wildly different from what's available here. Manufacturers all around the world add their own stylistic touches and flair to their products, and Kabe is no exception.

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