Ohio-based Advanced RV specializes in transforming regular old Mercedes-Benz Sprinters into custom-built RVs, and their latest creation dubbed Moksha has a long list of features that should please any outdoor enthusiast.

Based on a 170-inch Sprinter 3500 cutaway chassis, the B Box camper was built to a rather strict list of criteria from the client, who wanted to be able to travel in comfort no matter the weather, so both in freezing temperatures and under the scorching desert sun. Additionally, the truck had to be able to haul a lot of gear for both long and short trips, offer enough desk space for remote work, and provide flexible cooking and coffee-making utilities.

The Moksha, which is an ancient Sanskrit word for a transcendent state of freedom, according to Advanced RV, checks off all the requirements and adds a bunch of other features that can make life easier when camping. 

Gallery: Advanced RV Moksha B Box Camper

With foam sandwiched between the fiberglass panels of the box, the camper was designed to be extremely well insulated, with the company mentioning that the box is actually airtight to enhance insulation.

Dual-pane thermal plastic windows with screens and shades have been fitted throughout, again to help with the thermal insulation, and an air exchanger has been installed to pull outside air, heat it, and feed it inside. There’s also a carbon dioxide sensor to monitor the quality of the interior atmosphere.

Up front, the seats can swivel and there’s a deployable desk that can double as a dining and working surface, while the kitchen galley has been fitted with a stainless steel countertop with an integrated sink.

Furthermore, the Isotherm fridge and freezer combo unit provides up to seven cubic feet of storage space for perishable foods, while the plumbing system makes use of three heated and insulated tanks: 50 gallons for fresh water, 27.5 gallons for gray water, and 27.5 gallons for black water.

The stock rear suspension of the vehicle has been replaced with an air suspension setup, and there’s an automatic hydraulic leveling system with four telescoping jacks that can also weigh the van.

There’s a video presentation of the whole build at the top of the page and, as always, we’d like to know what you think about it, so after watching it, scroll down to the comments section below to give us your thoughts.

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