Lexus officially starts the countdown until the debut of the new generation GX. The Japanese firm releases a new teaser image of the SUV and confirms it will be unveiled on June 8 in Austin, Texas. 

This new preview of the rugged model shows us its rear end and a large portion of its side profile. We can see obvious similarities with the latest Toyota Land Cruiser, though there are also some noticeable differences between the two. For starters, the taillights are connected by a LED strip that spans the entire width of the rear hatch. The side profile has what appear to be straighter lines, especially around the area surrounding the rear fenders. Last but not least, we can also see taller and narrower side mirrors compared to the Land Cruiser.

Gallery: Lexus GX Teasers

Speaking of Toyota’s off-roader, the two vehicles should probably have a lot in common. We know for certain the body-on-frame platform will be shared between the two SUVs and previously, the GX and Land Cruiser have had similar powertrain options and similar styling. Nothing is official at this point but a report from 2021 claimed the new GX will receive a family of electrified engines for improved efficiency and even more low-end torque.

We haven’t had the chance to see the 2024 GX testing on public roads but we published two renderings earlier this month (see the related links below) showing an unofficial preview of the model’s exterior. Comparing the digital drawings with this new teaser image, it looks like there are some minor differences at the back but overall, we have a pretty good idea of what the new GX will look like.

As a final note, we’d like to remind you that the GX won’t be the only new Lexus to debut on June 8. The automaker has already announced the all-new TX three-row family hauler will also make its first official appearance on that date. Just three days before that, Lexus will also unveil the LBX as a posher version of the Toyota Yaris Cross.

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