At $182,900 (plus delivery fees), the 502-horsepower Porsche 911 GT3 is already a rare, expensive performance car. In fact, it's a fantastic performer, capable of lapping the infamous Nurburgring in under seven minutes. The only way to go faster with the GT3 is to spring for the GT3 RS, which is an extra $58,400. Or, you can save $1,100 and get the Manthey-Racing Performance Kit for $57,300. That is, without the optional wheels, anyway.

Porsche fans will recognize Manthey-Racing right away, and this particular kit was developed specifically for the 911 GT3 to make it sharper and faster on a track without compromising its "daily usability." It starts with a larger lip spoiler and mini wings on the front fascia, working with aero changes underneath to generate more downforce on the front wheels. At the back you'll find a wider spoiler with a Gurney flap, larger end plates, and a revised angle. You'll also notice aero discs for the rear wheels, and at the very back, the rear diffuser has larger fins made from carbon fiber reinforced plastic.

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To make the most of the aero upgrades, Manthey and Porsche worked together to create an upgraded coilover suspension system. It's a four-way system that can be adjusted without tools, increasing spring rates at the back by a modest seven percent. The fronts are 10 percent stiffer, and there are braided stainless steel brake lines as well. Upgraded brake pads are offered, but that's an optional extra with an undisclosed price. The wheels, however, are a hefty $15,500 option beyond the standard price. They cut unsprung mass by 16 pounds. 

All combined, Porsche says the Manthey Performance Kit shaves 4.1 seconds off a full-blast Nurburgring lap versus the standard model. That's 6:55.737 in case you're wondering, which still trails the 911 GT3 RS by a few seconds. And with the cost of the wheels added in, the price tag for the package climbs to a not-insignificant $72,800. That's enough to have a slightly slower 911 GT3 (around a track) and a new 718 Boxster for roofless enjoyment.

Porsche does point out that the price includes installation at a Manthey-certified Porsche Center, and it doesn't affect the car's factory warranty. For those who want to try it out before taking the plunge, Manthey-equipped 911 GT3s are available for test drives at Porsche Experience Centers in LA and Atlanta. The test drives aren't free, however – a 90-minute session costs $1,675.

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