In October 2022, a leaked document suggested Ferrari planned to launch a new hypercar. A mysterious model from the company has been spotted since then, which adds some credence to the document. A new spy video once again shows the alleged hypercar testing on public roads.

The new Ferrari looks very aggressive. However, the test models we have seen have been wearing full-body camouflage wraps, concealing the design details. The hypercar looks cobbled together, but that could be a trick of the coverings.

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The coupe has a wide lower bumper opening flanked by two large intakes. Along the side, a sharp downward crease in the doors channels air into one of many intakes toward the back of the vehicle. There is also one behind the window glass, one behind the first fender venter, and another at the bottom of the door. We expect the design to be smoother on the final product.

The Ferrari’s rear is the wildest aspect, dominated by a massive rear wing. Two round tailpipes stick out of an ugly black fascia that sits above a bonkers-looking diffuser. It looks like there will be plenty of space behind the cabin for a proper hypercar powertrain.

No concrete information about what engine setup could power the new model exists. However, customers might not find a V12. There’s speculation that Ferrari could use either the 4.0-liter V8 or 3.0-liter V6 with some form of hybrid assist. While those might seem small, the car should produce over 1,000 horsepower. There’s also a chance that it could have a V12, as the upcoming 812 Superfast replacement will feature such an engine making more than 830 hp.

If the leaked documents are correct, we will see the Ferrari hypercar enter production in October of 2024. We doubt Ferrari will reveal it this year, with a 2024 debut most likely. The same documents suggested that the new model would spawn a Spider variant in October 2027. However, the even more potent XX model will arrive before the convertible in July 2026. Production for it

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