It's safe to say the Koenigsegg Regera is a vehicle that never fails to garner considerable attention. Finished in a shimmering shade called Candy Liquid Blue and highlighted with gold trim, this particular 2021 Regera certainly caught our eye when it recently popped up for sale in Texas.

It's a very rare machine to even see in public, never mind at auction as just 80 were made and we have no idea if any look like this. The listing says this Regera is equipped with $1 million in optional extras, and to give that bonkers figure some context, that's about the same as the McLaren P1's as-new sticker price ... for the whole car.

Gallery: 2021 Koenigsegg Regera Auction

According to the window sticker shown with the auction, some of those options are $12,200 for Gold Leaf striping in just the rear winglets (striping in other parts of the car are separate options that total over $200,000), $14,500 for aluminum interior trim, $57,000 for the wheels plus another $30,000 for carbon wheels with gold, $23,450 for clear carbon side air intakes, and these are some of the low-cost options. The Ghost Package lists for $285,000 and is an aero add-on per the auction listing. It also has the Environmental Power Upgrade, which isn't really about the environment but rather the Regera's ability to use E85 fuel.

That option is what gives this model a total output of 1,757 horsepower. The Regera uses a twin-turbocharged 5.0-liter V8, working in conjunction with three electric motors. Power goes through Koenigsegg's direct-drive single-gear transmission to the rear wheels alone. The listing mentions this car also has the Triplex rear suspension with a third damper, in addition to the double wishbones and Ohlins coilovers. And being Koenigsegg, it has plenty of gold trim on otherwise mundane items like the fuel cap.

There's no information on who owns the car, but it shows 615 miles on the odometer and is offered for consignment through a dealership. The window sticker shows a new purchase price of $3.2 million; this car is already at $2.6m with eight days still to go as we post this article, so there's certainly lots of time for the sale price to go considerably higher.  

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