After a month of videos and several months of speculation, we are at the end of Dodge's teaser campaign. That makes this the last Last Call teaser for the final Last Call Dodge Challenger, which is a very Spaceballs way to basically say the finale is here. So let's get on with it.

For those keeping score, this is the sixth teaser in the current campaign (counting the original announcement) and the seventh clue to this final model. It features the creepy monster leprechaun from the second teaser jumping out of an airplane, skydiving to Las Vegas where the big reveal will ultimately take place. En route, we see him pause momentarily at 140 mph before jetting forward with tremendous haste, breaking the sound barrier in the process. For the record, that's approximately 755 mph at Las Vegas, which has an elevation of 2,000 feet above sea level.

Dodge Last Call Teaser
Dodge Last Call Teaser
Dodge Last Call 215 Teaser
Dodge Last Call Teaser 4

Obviously, this Challenger to end all Challengers doesn't go 700 mph, but 140 mph is clearly a clue. Or rather, going faster than 140 mph is the clue, but with 215 mph referenced in a previous teaser, of course the new Challenger goes faster than 140. Could that be how fast the new Challenger goes in the quarter-mile? Possibly, but again, the takeaway isn't the speed. It's going faster than that speed. And we think we have the answer.

Jump back a few years to the debut of the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon, heralded then as the quickest-accelerating production car in the world. Dodge officially listed the Demon's quarter-mile time at 9.65 seconds. And its speed at the end of that rug? 140 mph on the dot, and no, we don't think for one moment that's a coincidence. Our take on this teaser is that the new Challenger is faster than the Demon, full stop.

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Based on the other teasers, that shouldn't come as a surprise. To summarize, the first teaser showed a spooky demon-like face with red eyes, prompting us to speculate the new car would be a Challenger Demon Redeye. The second teaser saw that spooky demon morph into a monster leprechaun after dosing up with gold liquid, which could indicate it runs on E85 fuel. Teasers three and four tossed numbers into the mix, suggesting its engine has significantly more boost than a standard hellcat and that it can run a sub-nine-second quarter-mile time. As such, the new teaser lines up with the others in a neat fashion.

The fifth teaser showed a V8 jackhammer pounding golden pellets with 2,538 psi of ... something. Some have said it's another reference to boost pressure or cylinder pressure, but it arguably remains the strangest of the bunch. And then there's the original teaser going all the way back to August 2022, when Dodge announced its Last Call lineup. That's where we saw a Challenger-shaped car under a cover, adorned with a license plate saying 1FAST29.

Dodge muscle car teaser

Mercifully, the wait is almost over. Dodge will reveal its final Last Call model on March 20 in a big event at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. It will mark the end of Dodge's V8 muscle car for both the Charger and Challenger, but as the teasers clearly suggest, it's not going away quietly.

You can watch the live debut on March 20 right here at In the meantime, check out the latest Rambling About Cars podcast where we further dissect the Last Call teasers, and much more besides.

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