Peugeot is in the development stage of the next-generation 3008. While our first sighting before was a mule wearing a Citroen body, a production prototype was seen toward the end of the year, which meant that the French automaker was moving forward with its development.

The latest sighting of the next-gen Peugeot 3008 was captured on video, courtesy of YouTube's CarSpyMedia. In the first part of the clip, you can see the driver was trying to evade the camera, almost losing traction on the icy roads of Scandinavia. In most of the clips, the prototype was caught with a Peugeot chaperone.

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Then again, there wasn't much to see on the heavily camouflaged prototype, except for a few details.

The prototype was wearing provisional alloy wheels, but the side profile is starting to take shape – except for that rear part. We believe that bulk at the back was fake and if we're correct, we could be looking at a 3008 with a swoopy rear end.

This is, of course, reminiscent of the new Peugeot 408. The next-generation 3008 appears to be a smaller version of the stylish fastback – though the former is more of a crossover. Then again, these are just assumptions based on what is visible at this point.

Up front, there's an additional disguise added to give the fascia a more bulging appearance. The headlights were located up high, just below the bonnet, and a large black plastic cap in the lower part of the front bumper was believed to conceal a radar for the vehicle's semi-autonomous features.

It is still early in the development phase, so there is not much information available about what is under the hood. However, it is predicted that the new 3008 will be offered with gas, plug-in hybrid, and fully electric powertrains. 

Peugeot has yet to announce the exact arrival of the new 3008, but a rough timeline suggests that it will debut in late 2023 with a market launch in early 2024.

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