In July 2020, Wey – one of the automotive brands under the Great Wall umbrella – unveiled the Tank 300 concept. Just a few months later, the model was launched on the Chinese market as a production vehicle under the newly-founder Tank brand, which had plans to sell off-road vehicles with a luxury twist.

The Tank 300 has design hints from a few different models, including the Ford Bronco and Jeep Wrangler, but at the same time features a distinctive styling that differs from the sea of crossovers and SUVs these days. It is now sold in China and Saudi Arabia and will soon be launched in Australia.

Gallery: Tank 300

Our friends at Wheelsboy finally got their hands on a Tank 300 to review it and were kind enough to share their exclusive photo gallery, which you can find attached above. A new nine-minute video shows us all the exterior and interior features of the rugged SUV and tells us how the Tank 300 feels behind the steering wheel.

From the outside, the Tank 300 is boxy but in a very nice way. Chunky side mirrors and wheel arches make it look a lot like the Wrangler, though the front end seems to have more influences from the Bronco. Funnily – we don’t know if you would agree – we find hints of the classic UAZ 469 that also served as a base for China’s BAW BJ212, also reviewed by Wheelsboy recently. We find it difficult to say the Tank 300 is original but somehow, it doesn’t exactly as a copycat and has its own styling.

It’s the same story inside the cabin. Even though the exterior looks rugged, the interior looks nice and some might even describe it as premium to a certain extent. Visually, there are resemblances to the Mercedes-Benz G-Class but as it turns out, the interior only looks like a G-Class, it doesn’t feel like one when you start touching things around. The material quality is acceptable though, especially when you consider the Tank 300 costs around $30,000 in China or about twice less than the Wrangler for the same market.

How does it feel on the road? As a traditional body-on-frame SUV, the ride quality is surely not great but the host of the video points out the Tank 300 is far more comfortable than a Wrangler thanks to its multi-link suspension. How’s the steering? What’s the powertrain? What tech does it have? All the answers are in the video at the top of this page.

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