What seemed like a quiet summer evening at Woodward and 14 Mile Rd in metro Detroit turned into a nightmare for a McLaren owner. Their recently upgraded supercar was heavily damaged in a crash with what seems to be a Honda crossover running at a red light.

Footage from a Rivian electric vehicle parked very close to the intersection shows what exactly happened. The video was released by ViralHog on YouTube and while not of great quality, it shows the Honda attempting to turn left in front of the McLaren. It is difficult to see the traffic light for the crossover but appears that the light changed as the Japanese vehicle was approaching. It seems that the driver was trying to run on a “long” yellow light, though it didn’t end well.

As for the McLaren, it seems that the British supercar was just timing the light by taking the inside turn lane to overtake the rest of the traffic waiting on a red light. Seeing how all cars departed together, this most likely means they were going on a green light, but the driver of the McLaren probably also got a ticket for going straight from the inside turn lane. 

We don’t know who got penalized for this crash but from our perspective, both drivers had to be ticketed. The Honda, obviously, run at a red light, but the McLaren was overtaking the traffic from the wrong lane. 

Nevertheless, both drivers will have trouble in the coming weeks. The Honda driver will have to make sure his insurance covers the claims on the McLaren and these will surely be huge. The McLaren driver, in turn, could even lose his vehicle if the repair costs are too high and the insurance company declares it a write-off.

As a side note, the owner of the supercar reportedly had roughly $100,000 worth of upgrades installed to the car earlier the same day, including an engine remap to 850 horsepower and carbon accessories. Yikes!

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