Folks, we all understand the temptation for a little bit of speed when you have some power under your foot. But going nearly three times the posted speed limit? That's not even close to a little bit. And in the case of this Lamborghini Aventador driver, a few moments of acceleration came with a big price tag. Fortunately, the lapse of judgment didn't result in a crash or injuries.

The York Regional Police shared this incident on Twitter. Located in Canada north of Toronto, the York Region was established in 1970 and law enforcement isn't kidding around with speeding. Then again, we can't imagine any district where going 170 km/h mph in a 60 km/h zone would simply be brushed off. This equates to 106 mph in a 37-mph zone, nearly three times the posted limit. And apparently, this particular stretch of road also sees the highest number of crashes in the region.

Apparently, this particular stretch of road also sees the highest number of crashes in the region.


The driver was obviously caught, but the post doesn't mention anything about jail time or a fine. We do see the driver received a 30-day license suspension, and a tow truck picked up the expensive Lamborghini for a trip to the impound yard. However, the car will be returned to the driver after 15 days. In this case, it's not a permanent confiscation like the Corvette Z06 recently seized by a Sheriff's office in Florida.

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Judging by the litany of follow-up comments, A 30-day license suspension and 15-day impound seems to be light punishment for many people. Several commenters suggested a longer license suspension with either a permanent forfeiture of the Aventador or even destroying it completely. The tweet obviously offers limited information regarding the crime; it appears the driver at least stopped without a chase. With a V12 belting out around 700 horsepower (more in some trim levels), the car is certainly capable of reaching 106 mph in just a few seconds, and much more beyond that. Still, you can't outrun a radio.

Stay safe out there everyone. And don't lose your head when it comes to speed, lest you lose your car or possibly even your life.

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