The current-generation Chrysler 300 has been around since 2011. With a facelift happening in 2015, the full-size luxury sedan is certainly aging, which led us to check whether the company will continue to sell the model after every year.

Then again, the Chrysler 300 continues to soldier on, though with fewer options for the 2022 model year. But if you think that the automaker is retiring the nameplate in the emerging era of electrification, you'd be wrong. A report coming from Australia has revealed that the next Chrysler 300 will arrive in 2026 as an electric vehicle.

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The report came from Drive, citing unnamed insider sources. While the veracity of this news isn't solid at this point, Stellantis' ambitious Dare Forward 2030 strategy, and Chrysler's plan to launch three EVs by 2028 based on the STLA Large platform align with the idea of having a full-size electric sedan to replace the aging 300.

Meanwhile, Drive's exposé says that the 300's electric successor will go on sale in 2026. It will also have a twin four-door Dodge model, which will allegedly arrive sooner in 2024. Of note, Dodge has already announced an electric muscle car for 2024, which was touted to make a "sound that you cannot imagine."

As for power, the alleged EV twins will reportedly operate at 800 volts, which means that they could use Stellantis' most powerful motors that make power in between 201 horsepower (150 kilowatts) and 443 hp (330 kW). Battery capacities are reported to go between 101kWh and 108kWh, capable of reaching 497 miles (800 kilometers) on a single charge.

Meanwhile, the production version of the updated Airflow Graphite Concept is expected to be the first Chrysler EV that will be launched in 2025.

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