The Toyota Prius is famous for its fuel efficiency. The hybrid paved the way for electrification and today's EV revolution gripping the auto industry. Toyota has sold millions of Prii, and one has ended up in the hands of the JH Diesel and 4x4 YouTube channel that seems determined to prove the Prius is more than just a dainty fuel sipper.

It's not a one-trick pony, as Justin and his friends attempt to discover the hybrid's towing limit, and they don't want to tow something small. They decide to affix a gooseneck hitch to the Prius' roof, which is perfectly sized. However, it does cave in the sheetmetal, but the crew is able to attach it.

Once installed, Justin then attaches the gooseneck trailer to the Prius, which was surprisingly easy to do. The Prius is small enough to fit and freely spin underneath the gooseneck. Justin can pull right up to the trailer, and he only has to make a few adjustments before attaching the hitch, which is lowered onto the roof.

The Prius doesn't like the extra weight, with the roof further caving in, but the roof holds. The extra weight also crushes the car's suspension, pushing the wheels deep into the wheel wells. However, the Prius is still drivable, and Justin then tests it on public roads. The trailer trashes the car's fuel economy, though it steadily creeps up from two to four to five to nearly eight miles per gallon when the on-road test is complete.

The Prius isn't a speedster, and it didn't sound happy about towing the weight, but it got the job done without much fuss. However, there were signs that the car had struggles. The amount of smoke emitting from the tailpipe only increases, suggesting that the oil oil is getting into the combustion chamber.

The Prius makes it back to the garage, but the challenges aren't over yet. Justin plans on adding additional bracing to the roof and attempting to actually tow something with the Toyota instead of an empty trailer. The Toyota Prius has range.

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