We are yet to see a production mid-engined 911 from Porsche, despite the rumors from years ago when Porsche Motorsport’s manager of high-performance cars, Andreas Preuninger, said we should not rule out this option. We might have to wait until at least the next generation of the sports car to arrive, though, if you want a mid-engined 911 right now, we have an offer. Well, it’s not our own offer but we are happy to report on it.

A company called Art and Revs is selling one of just 29 assembled Ruf CTR3 cars. This is Ruf’s own interpretation of a mid-engined 911, based largely on the 997-generation 911. The tuning company used help from Multimatic, the builder of the Ford GT, which provided the bespoke platform for the supercar. And oh, it is as cool as it is rare.

Gallery: Ruf CT3 for sale

This particular car is chassis number 8 and was assembled in 2010, which means it’s now 12 years old. Three years after it left Ruf’s workshop, it returned to the factory to be upgraded to the later Club Sport specification with a more powerful engine. The body of the car is all made of carbon-kevlar fiber and the engine is based on the 997 GT2. In this upgraded configuration, it generates 775 horsepower (570 kilowatts) and 723 pound-feet (980 Newton-meters), moving a curb weight of just 3,086 pounds (1,400 kilograms).

The description of this ad claims the car is in wonderful condition and has always been “maintained to the highest level.” It is located in the United Kingdom and even wears an appropriate number plate - “3 CTR.” The seller says they’ll happily transmit this registration to the new owner, if they are from the UK, too.

And now, about the price. Unfortunately, there’s no actual figure listed and more information could be received upon request. We don’t believe this rare bird will be sold for less than several hundred thousand dollars. In fact, it may also hit the one million mark.

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