The Honda N-Van and its other kei cars aren’t vehicles we’ll see on US roads anytime soon, but their versatility is certainly appealing. Honda continues to demonstrate the numerous uses for the boxy runabouts, and their latest creation takes aim at those looking to enjoy some mobile living. It’s based on the N-Van, and it looks perfect for an overnight stay. The N-Van camper is one of several cars that’ll be on display at the Feeld Good festival

Honda has provided few details about the creation, but it features everything you’d need for a night away. The company says the N-Van has been designed for more convenient use of luggage space, while an air mat designed with White House Co. occupies the passenger side of the vehicle. Completing the van’s outdoorsy feel is a retractable awning that helps create a large and inviting entryway. The large rear hatch would also make getting in and out a breeze. A small table is a nice complement.

The N-Van camper is quite different from the other N-Van creation the company made earlier this year – the N-Van Mobile Cafe. In that, Honda crammed all you’d need to make tasty drinks, though the stainless steel-like exterior, red-and-white awning, and cute menu board really sold the cute car. It feels a bit more ambitious than the mobile cafe, though the camper would be the one most likely to become a reality. 

The N-Van camper will be on display alongside a modified N-Box and a Honda Freed. The event is scheduled for the first weekend in October in Ishikari City, Hokkaido. Japan’s kei cars have always been a bit too small for American tastes, but the super-tiny cars continue to earn international interest and appreciation. They’re a special type of car that lends itself to some truly unique-looking makes and models.

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