The current Supra has only been around for approximately two and a half years and yet it has already spawned more special editions than we can count. Prepare to add another one as Toyota is introducing a 35th Anniversary Special Edition in Japan to celebrate three and a half decades since the Supra became a standalone sports car. As a refresher, it was initially a Celica version between 1978 and 1986.

What's so special about the 35th Anniversary model? While there aren't any mechanical upgrades, the limited-run JDM Supra does get a wide array of visual tweaks. It's based on the four-cylinder SZ-R and beefier inline-six RZ, with both sharing the 19-inch forged alloy wheels finished in matte black. Inside, all cars have carbon accents on the dashboard in front of the passenger seat.

Available from 6,535,000 yen (about $59,300), the SZ-R-based special edition boasts red brake calipers and matte black paint on the side mirror caps. It can be had in five different colors, including Lightning Yellow, while the interior boasts Alcantara/leather upholstery and sport pedals.

The beefier RZ variant is priced from 7,835,000 yen ($71,110) and comes with the larger engine while adding full leather upholstery and wireless charging. It combines a Matte Storm Gray exterior finish with completely red seats to further distance itself from the lesser trim level.

Toyota will be making only 35 examples of each and predicts the special edition will be in high demand as the company says it will organize a raffle on September 7 to randomly select the lucky buyers.

The 35th Anniversary Edition follows North America's A91-CF and Europe's Jarama Racetrack Edition, but this isn't the first time the JDM-spec Supra is handed the special treatment. Back in April 2020, the Land of the Rising Sun received a Supra RZ Horizon Blue Edition with more power, retuned suspension, and improved body rigidity.

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