The 2022 Toyota Supra A91 Carbon Fiber Special Edition isn't your ordinary two-seater sports coupe. It's limited in number and it comes with more functional and lightweight carbon fiber aero bits.

With that said, the Supra A91-CF Edition expected to ask for a commanding price tag, which we now know thanks to data from a recent order guide that CarsDirect revealed. According to the website, the limited Toyota Supra will sell for $64,275, including a $995 destination charge.

Gallery: 2022 Toyota Supra A91 Carbon Fiber Edition

Of note, this makes the 2022 Supra A91-CF Edition the most expensive Supra your money can buy – at least when talking about MSRPs without dealer markups. When loaded with options, the CF Edition can reach the $68,000 mark.

In comparison, the current (and also limited) 2021 Supra A91 Edition has a price tag of $55,990 when announced last year, which is more affordable than the new CF Edition by over eight grand. Pricing for the rest of the 2022 Supra lineup is yet to be revealed but for now, let it be known that the most expensive Supra you can buy at the dealer costs around 55 percent more than the base 2021 Supra 2.0.

That's, of course, assuming you can get your hands on one. The 2022 Supra A91-CF Edition is limited to 600 units in North America, which makes it a rather rare specimen.

For the uninitiated, the CF Edition is a 2022 Supra 3.0 that comes with exposed carbon fiber parts, specifically on the front splitter, side rocker panels, side and rear canards, and extended duckbill spoiler. It also has a set of 19-inch wheels that comes exclusively in matte black, plus a redone red/black cabin with added carbon fiber bits.

Dealer availability is expected this fall along with the official pricing.

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