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We’ve covered our fair share of weird and wacky auction pieces, including everything from a 1940 V8-powered snowmobile to Lewis Hamilton’s race-winning 2010 Formula 1 car. However, a recent listing from Barret Jackson features a V8-powered hydrocar with over 700 horsepower (522 kilowatts).

We wouldn’t fault you if you’re currently wondering what on earth a hydrocar does. It’s essentially a four-wheeled vehicle that you can drive on the street that’s also seaworthy. As you’ll notice, it shares much more resemblance with a boat than a car. 

Gallery: Chevrolet-Powered Hydrocar

Propulsion is provided by a 9.3-liter (572-cubic inch) all-aluminum Chevrolet engine producing 762 horsepower (568 kilowatts). With over 712 pound-feet (965 newton-meters) of torque on tap, the hydrocar uses a stout four-speed automatic racing transmission. The vehicle was built over the span of 10 years, making its debut on the cover of Popular Mechanics in 2004. The project eventually made it all the way to Forbes magazine and two Monster Garage publications.

The bonkers machine features an aluminum shell with a stainless steel tubular space frame chassis underneath. For street use, it features pneumatic suspension and disc brakes at all four corners. We’d wager that the pneumatic suspension comes in handy during the transition from land to water – or vice versa.

While the all-terrain runabout is fully road-legal, it appears to be more at home on the water. The auction listing includes a custom-built trailer to transport it, and we think that says it all. Feel free to let us know what you would change for version 2.0 in the comments below.

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