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A family in Memphis, Tennessee is putting up a $10,000 reward along with a vintage Corvette in hopes to reopen a 10-year-old cold case. Mattie Williams’ son Dennis Gilliam was killed in September of 2011, but his killer remains on the loose.

For anyone willing to take on the case, the automotive portion of the rather unorthodox reward includes a C4 Corvette. Anthony Gilliam says that the car has 76,000 miles on the clock. Other vital signs are unknown, but the family is willing to throw in an additional $500 a month for the first year of ownership.

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“We need some justice. My family, we need justice. It’s been too long,” said Williams to WREG News Channel 3. “All the evidence. There should have been something. There is something they missed. I won’t give up. I won’t give up.”

Employed as a handyman, Gilliam was shot and killed following a fight just outside his home. The next morning, Williams knew that something was wrong after her son didn’t answer her regular call at 7 a.m. The grieving family believed that the shooting was a case of revenge after the fight.

Even after the suspect, Ryan Nelson was arrested, there was only sufficient evidence to charge him for aggravated assault for the fight. There was no shortage of evidence to convict Nelson of murder – a forensic match from the bullets and his girlfriend speaking against him – but the District Attorney said there wasn’t enough sufficient to take the murder case to trial. Suffice to say, it’s not the verdict that Dennis Gilliam’s family wanted to hear.

Thankfully, the DA says that the case can be re-opened if there is additional evidence. Until then, the family remains hopeful that justice will soon prevail and the case can be closed.

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