In 2014, the Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 was one of the meanest American muscle cars available. But, things change, and the current GT500 boasts quite a bit more power. For its latest video, the Johnny Bohmer Proving Grounds gets ahold of the older model to see how the coupe performs.

As a refresher, the 2014 Ford Shelby GT500 has a supercharged 5.8-liter V8 making 662 horsepower (494 kilowatts) and 631 pound-feet (855 Newton-meters) of torque. A six-speed manual sends the power to the rear wheels.

This run uses 2.7 miles (4.35 kilometers) of the 3.22-mile (5.15-kilometer course. It sits just 8.3 feet (2.53 meters) above sea level, and there is just 0.25 inches (0.635 centimeters) of elevation change over the distance.

The driver goes easy on the clutch with a gentle roll at the beginning before flooring the throttle. The acceleration up to 155 miles per hour (249 kilometers per hour) happens quickly, but the gearshift at that speed slows down the rate of the speed increase.

The GT500 still gradually gains speed. When the Mustang passes the finish marker, the on-screen display shows it going 184 mph (296 kph). However, the GPS shows the car reaching 183.116 mph (294.697 kph).

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In comparison, the modern Mustang Shelby GT500 still packs a 5.2-liter supercharged V8. The output is much higher at 760 hp (567 kW) and 625 lb-ft (847 Nm) of torque. Rather than a six-speed manual, a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox. The official specs say that it can hit 60 mph (96 kph) in 3.3 seconds and reach a top speed of 180 mph (289.7 kph).

For the 2021 GT500, Ford adds the colors Grabber Yellow, Carbonized Gray, and Antimatter Blue. There is a new Carbon Fiber Handling Package that costs $10,00 and includes 20-inch carbon fiber wheels, adjustable strut top mounts, a catch can, gurney flap, and splitter wickers. 

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