The month of March can mean many different things to those in the automotive space. While some simply see it as the month after February, Formula 1 fans know it as the start of a new season. Along with new opportunities for teams to see where they stand, Mercedes decided it would be a good time to uncover its AMG One Hypercar.

Thankfully, the German automaker had seven-time Formula 1 champion Lewis Hamilton on hand to show us around the new vehicle. Much like his 2021 W12 F1 race car, the AMG One features a turbocharged 1.6-liter V6 engine, which revs up to 11,000 rpm, aided by a joint-strike-force of four electric motors that build a package capable of putting down four-digit horsepower.

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Along with an F1-inspired engine architecture, Hamilton said that the resemblance in sound between his W12 racer and the hypercar is uncanny. As the AMG One is fully road legal, it has every chance to obliterate track records at the Nurburgring Nordschleife and other prominent circuits in the automotive industry. However, while being blisteringly quick on track is incredibly important, it’s equally critical to be comfortable in the car; according to Hamilton, the vehicle blends F1 performance with the comfort of any AMG road vehicle.

Contrary to popular belief with these stripped-out road cars, the interior is still very well appointed with all of the creature comforts you could expect from any normal Mercedes vehicle. As Sir Lewis is a keen musician, he was also quick to point out that he can still play some of his favorite tracks from the cockpit.

Those who had their eyes on an AMG One hypercar from day one will be relieved to hear that deliveries should finally begin later this year. As you’d expect, only 275 examples are planned for production – with a sticker price of $3 million – and all available models have been sold.

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