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We're guessing you've never had the thought: "What do Bill and Ted think of the Porsche Taycan?" Well, the company is providing the answer by having Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter drive the EV roughly 107 miles from Santa Barbara, California, to the Porsche Experience Center in Carson, CA. Along the way, there are closed sections of road that let the pair understand what the sedan can do.

Reeves and Winter start out cruising down the highway in their Taycan Turbos and take a detour to meet up with Tanner Foust in a Porsche 911 GT3 RS on an empty stretch of road. Unfortunately, we don't get a "Whoa" from Reeves when he launches, but his surprised "Sheahh" is the next best thing.

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After cruising a little more on the highway and remarking on the Taycan's range, Reeves and Winter get to their next challenge. Le Mans winner Patrick Long meets up with them in a 918 Spyder. They have a two-mile section of closed road with lots of curves that put the cars' handling to the test. Winter compares the experience to carving canyons on a motorcycle. Reeves doesn't go that far, which makes sense since he's one of the owners of Arch Motorcycles, so he knows a thing about bikes.

Finally, they arrive at the Porsche Experience Center where the company has a track and skidpad. Reeves and Winter's challenge is to drift the Taycan the best. The test is a riff on the model holding the record for the EV with the longest slide.

Other than the two of them being a famous on-screen duo, it's not clear how Reeves and Winter relate to the Taycan. Still, Porsche's video is fun in large part because these guys have such a good rapport even when not playing Bill and Ted.

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