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Porsche has announced they have detected the problem to blame for 911 GT3's fire risks.

It was only several days ago when Porsche said deliveries of the 911 GT3 could be pushed back several months but it seems it won't take that long as the engineers found out what's causing the 911 GT3 to be a fire hazard. They haven't disclosed details but a fix is in the works and currently Porsche is testing the solution.

When the problem surfaced, Porsche told all 911 GT3 (991) owners to stop driving their cars and now all units have been recalled after two vehicles caught fire several weeks ago in Europe. The technical solution will be announced "shortly" and at first they will inform existing owners. We remind you those two cars suffered from a cracked engine block which leaked oil into the hot exhaust system. Luckily, no accident or injuries were related to those two incidents.

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