Age is just a number, they say. Well, that’s not entirely accurate but to a very high degree, it’s true. Regardless of your age, a youthful spirit can make wonders to your mind and body and we love seeing people who are still young by spirit. And drive cars, of course.

Today’s hero is currently 80 years old and drives his car virtually every day - even in the rainy and cold ones. And his car is not just a normal front-wheel-drive hatchback but one of the greatest supercars of all times. It’s a striking red Ferrari F40 which 80-year-old John Clower still loves to drive.

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And he really, really enjoys it. Putting those 472 ponies to work puts a big smile on John’s face and feeds his youthful spirit with positive emotions. We can only wish we’d be so in tune with motoring life at that age.

But John is much more than just an F40 driver. He is a true Ferrari enthusiast and has had 15 or 16 Ferraris in the past. More recently, as he explains in the video, he’s diversified into Lamborghini and his son even owns a Murcielago SV. John seems to like the Aventador very much but is not especially happy with its dimensions - “it’s just too wide and too big, I think.”

Of course, what is a supercar collector and enthusiast without a proper McLaren? John also has a 675 LT which was the first car in which he experienced launch control. 

Enjoy a good conversation with John and learn more about his current and previous cars - watch the video at the top of this page. It’s a good one, trust us.

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