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EarthCruiser isn't shy about off-grid camping. Perhaps best known for its larger FX and EXP overlanding expedition vehicles, the company also offers some bolt-on options for trucks. The latest is called Terranova, designed to fit on large one-ton pickups. It's technically still in the design phase, but EarthCruiser gave us a sneak peek with some exterior renderings and a detailed description of the Terranova's features.

And there are plenty of features to discuss. For starters, it's a sizable unit with a cabover extension and a pop-top roof that can sleep up to four people. The raised-roof section is identical to what EarthCruiser uses on its EXD and EXP models, incorporating a triple-layer curtain design with eight windows and a foam-insulated roof for all-weather functionality. In fact, EarthCruiser says the Terranova is four-season capable with heating and cooling systems available.

Gallery: EarthCruiser Terranova

As for amenities, the Terranova will be available with pretty much everything. A stainless steel sink with an induction stove, refrigerator, and freezer fill out the kitchen. The bathroom features a stainless sink basin with a full-height shower and hot/cold water capability. An outdoor shower with hot and cold water is also available, and a cassette toilet is part of the package. Water capacities aren't available yet, but it carries a closed-circuit water recycling system with three different carbon filters, a UV filter, and a dedicated hot water tank.

Similarly, full details on electric power aren't available, but the Terranova will carry 108-watt Sunflare solar panels and utilize a 12-volt, 400Ah lithium battery. Power is routed throughout the Terranova's fiberglass shell, and it's designed to fit on full-size, one-ton pickups from Ford, Chevrolet, and Ram.

“EarthCruiser is an undisputed expert in cab-over vehicle design in the USA and have been perfecting cab-over overlanding trucks since 2008," said EarthCruiser General Manager Chad Knight. "We pull from years of proven engineering and design expertise to produce the most accomplished 4x4 recreation vehicles available in the world. The EC Terranova Expedition Camper meets customer demand for a cab-over with a choice of domestic chassis. We know many customers feel more comfortable behind the wheel of a consumer-class truck versus commercial and have strong brand preferences. We want to be able to honor that.”

Pricing for the Terranova isn't available at this time though reservations are available. Deliveries are expected to begin early next year.


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