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Ford seems to be having some fun on this Friday afternoon. The automaker just dropped another teaser photo on Twitter for the upcoming high-performance Bronco, be it called the Raptor or Warthog. The photo itself isn't anything we haven't already seen, but the tweet carries an obvious message and perhaps a hidden one. More on that in a bit.

It's no secret Ford is testing yet another Bronco variant that will slot above all the others. We've seen spy shots up close, and there have certainly been rumors about more engine power as well as suspension upgrades. For our purposes today, let's take a look at why this tweet has our attention.


For starters, this is the first time we have any confirmed info on tire size and they aren't small. The Sasquatch Package promises 35-inch off-road tires from the factory, so these 37-inchers are a step above even that. Of course, this is a prototype and there's no guarantee the production version will have tires of this size, but even that isn't the focal point of our interest.

There's been some debate as to whether this hi-po Bronco will be called Raptor as with the high-flying, off-roading F-150, or Warthog as rumors and a recent trademark filing suggest. In short, Raptors don't have hooves, but Warthogs do. Then again, horses have hooves so it could just be a Bronco reference. Therein lies the mystery, but it certainly adds more credence to the Warthog theory.

Whatever it's called, expect upgraded suspension, bigger tires, and the possibility of 400 horsepower under the hood from the same twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter V6 found in the Explorer ST. Thusly equipped, we suspect this Bronco's mission won't be crawling over obstacles, but rather, flying over them.

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