Let's do some roleplaying with a first-world problem. You recently plunked down $70,000 for a suave new Mercedes-AMG C63 Coupe, despite pressure from your in-laws to get a BMW X3 M at the same price. Now your posse wants you to spearhead a weekend trip to a slick resort, and your Merc doesn't have enough room for the gear. You could never install an aftermarket roof box, that's what Audi owners do. Fear not, for AMG is coming to your rescue.

That rescue comes in the form of a form-fitting rooftop cargo carrier designed by the same folks who created your car. It's called the Mercedes-AMG roof box, and what it lacks in an inspirational name it makes up for in style. Sure, other cargo boxes have aero features like diffusers, but none have AMG badging. Furthermore, this one is created specifically with all Mercedes vehicles in mind.

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Actually, Mercedes-AMG offers two different versions of its roof box, with one designed just for coupe models like your C63. The changes are relegated to the carrier's diffuser which is better optimized for the coupe's curving roofline. This allows better airflow around the box with reduced wind noise, all while carrying up to 154 pounds (70 kilograms) of cargo. However, your C63 might not be able to handle that much, as the automaker advises people to observe specific roof-weight restrictions for various vehicles.

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Regardless of weight, the AMG roof box does create an additional 14.5 cubic feet (410 liters) of storage space. That can certainly come in handy for smaller Mercedes models, but it doesn't look out-of-place on larger AMG wagons or SUVs, either. It mounts with an easy-to-operate quick-release clamping system, but there is a notable issue when it comes to vehicle performance. Despite its aerodynamic shape and AMG badging, Mercedes says the box is only approved for speeds up to 81 mph. On some models, you could exceed that threshold in as little as five seconds.

Mercedes-AMG presently doesn't offer pricing for its new roof box, but it will be available directly from Mercedes and through Mercedes partners starting in November.


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