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Parallel parking – one of the most dreaded maneuvers that any driver will have to deal with at least once in their driving lives. Parallel parking can be extremely daunting, especially if you get the initial angle wrong, in which case you might have to start over again since there really isn't enough room for any corrections in tight parking situations. And that's with an empty street, how about the pressure that can come with onlookers and other cars waiting patiently for you to execute the maneuver? Yeah, most people would likely just look for a perpendicular parking spot instead. 

But for this guy in India, parallel parking his Toyota Innova is just part of his everyday routine. For those of you who don't know, a Toyota Innova is a six or seven-seater utility vehicle that's built on a ladder frame chassis and powered by either gasoline or a turbodiesel engine. It's great for hauling people, and well, according to this video, fits perfectly in one of the most precarious parking spots we've ever seen. Actually, we're not even sure if that is a parking spot, with the cemented portion just wide and long enough to fit the wheelbase of the Innova. 

The driver says the vehicle isn't even his and belongs to a friend that lends it to him because he needs it for work. Also, the viral video of his parking skills was shot without his knowledge by his wife standing on a balcony overlooking the "parking spot".

Apparently, the driver is already quite experienced and is used to handling much larger vehicles with the same precision. His previous jobs had him drive a jeep through dangerous terrain, plus he used to operate a bus that measured 12.5 meters. Yeah, so getting acquainted with the relatively smaller Toyota Innova was child's play.




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