Friends, sometimes the struggle is real. If you're a regular at the IdiotsInCars subreddit, you'll know that all too well. For the record, we aren't getting down on the driver of this Mazda CX-7. But we do wonder what prevented this individual from reversing slightly to the left to exit this crowded scene.

Actually, it's not even that crowded. According to the Reddit post created by user Beta_2017, this adventure in reverse occurred just a few days ago in Nebraska. The Mazda's driver was reportedly sober so there's that, but it's unclear if the Reddit user and SUV driver know each other. In the comments, u/Beta_2017 explains this is the parking area for rental homes in a homeowner's association, and there's no assigned parking. That's why there's a Chevrolet Impala essentially double-parked in the driveway. And that's where the Mazda driver runs into trouble.


Clearly, the instinct here is to reverse back while turning to the right, thus leading to a clean exit down the driveway. The aforementioned Impala makes that difficult, and alas, instincts can be difficult to ignore. As a result, we're treated to a 36-second video where the SUV makes 16 changes in direction, including pulling back into the parking space twice. And this video is sped up – the time stamp shows the ordeal starting at 11:11 PM and ending seven minutes later. Yikes.

Had the driver turned slightly to the left, well, you can see the situation as clearly as we can. That wouldn't have led to an Austin Powers 20-gazillion-point turn (and a few seconds of entertainment for us) but hey, darkness combined with fat SUV C-pillars can make things tricky sometimes. By the end of this clip we were rooting for the driver to escape damage-free, and to their credit, that's exactly what happened – with help from an unsung hero who stepped in to offer guidance.

And we aren't the only ones happy with the outcome. The owner of the Nissan parked next to the CX-7 strolls out at the end of the clip to do a double-check. Can't say we blame him.

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