If you are going to live the van life, you might as well build a rig that can go anywhere, including far off the grid. This is exactly what this heavily customized Mercedes-Benz Sprinter accomplishes. Take a tour of the impressive creation.

This build started as an innocuous, white two-wheel-drive Sprinter 170 ext that the owners named Bruce. Now that it wears a paint scheme of dark green and black that now only gives the motorhome a tough appearance, but the Line-X covering protects the body from chips and scratches. Now, the owners call the rig Bruce Banner because it's quite a hulk.

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The exterior also features a new bumper with a big brush bar. A ladder provides access to a full-length roof rack for carrying loads of gear. At the back, there's a hefty toolbox and spare wheel.

For getting into hard-to-reach places, the van now has a 4x4 drivetrain with a Dana 60 front axle, Dana 70 rear, and hub lockers for even more traction when necessary. It runs on 37-inch tires, and the ride height is 8.5 inches taller, too.

The owners intend to take Bruce Banner far enough off-road that help might not be able to get to them easily. To rescue themselves, there's a 12,000-pound winch, recovery boards, and jack. They also carry specialized first aid kits for both the humans and the dogs onboard.

While the exterior is rugged, the interior is very homey. The owners decorate it with shades of brown, tan, and green that creates a dark, yet naturalistic environment. There are 40 gallons of water available and 600 amp hours worth of batteries. The cooktop, heater, and hot water use diesel, so there's a 28-gallon reserve fuel tank in case more fuel is necessary.

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