Check out the 2021 Ford Bronco in our article with more details and photos.

The hotly anticipated 2021 Ford Bronco shows off its lack of roof and doors in latest leaked image, which first appeared on The upcoming official debut is set for July 13th at 8:00pm EST, and you can watch the entire stream right here on We’ve waited for decades to have the Ford Bronco back on showroom floors, and the wait is finally almost over. Ford has taken its time building the new Bronco, and based on what we know it was worth the decades of waiting.
The team over a shared what could be one of the most exciting Bronco images to date. Here we see a 2-door Bronco playing in the desert with no roof or doors while it tears across the landscape. This exciting development confirms many exciting rumors about the Bronco and shows just how competitive it will be against the Jeep wrangler when sales start later this year. Without a roof or doors, the new 2-door Bronco looks fantastic and seems like the perfect off-roader to tackle just about any terrain. Clever solutions like mirror placement allow for easy door removal without the need for aftermarket mirror solutions, a deficiency of the Jeep Wrangler design.

The new Bronco also includes many design cues from the Gen 1 Bronco including the round headlights and grille design. The design of the new Bronco is the perfect blend of modern touches to an iconic and boxy SUV design, which has stood the test of time. Ford has already teased three Bronco models that include a 4-door, 2-door, and more road-friendly Sport trim.
We’re excited to see more angles of the new Bronco and look forward to the official reveal on July 13th at 8:00pm EST. You can watch the official Ford stream right here on and be one of the first people to see the all-new Bronco supported by official Ford imagery.

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