Fiat doesn’t offer a small pickup in the United States. Ram doesn’t either, but in other parts of the world – namely Brazil – you’ll find this small rig called the Fiat Strada. It’s all-new for 2021, and it already has a litany of factory upgrades available through FCA’s Mopar group.

To showcase some of those items, Fiat and Mopar built this custom Strada Freedom with cool graphics and some bolt-on equipment. In a press release (available at the end of the article), Fiat says over 50 items are available through Mopar, though this truck only showcases six. Most noticeable are the extended bed-rail system and side steps, but it also contains a bicycle holder, a bed divider, rubber floor mats, and a trailer hitch.

As for the Strada itself, the compact truck debuted earlier this year. It features a unibody design with either a 1.4-liter engine making 88 horsepower (65 kilowatts) or a 1.3-liter mill good for 109 hp (81 kW). A 1.0-liter turbocharged engine is expected later on, and for now, a five-speed manual transmission is the only way to swap cogs. For the first time in the Strada’s history, it can be had in a double-cab configuration and actually, that’s the only way you can get it for the time being. Standard-cab configurations are coming later.

Gallery: Fiat Strada Mopar Accessories

There’s been some speculation that the Strada could come to America as a new entry-level Ram. The Strada already gets branding as the Ram 700 in some markets, but for the near-term at least, a U.S.-spec truck is not in the cards. That could change if Ford and Chevrolet offer compact pickups slotting beneath the Ranger and Colorado, as presently Ram offers no competition to its crosstown rivals in the midsize segment, never mind a compact segment that could return to U.S. shores very soon.

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Mopar develops show car as showcase for customization of the New Fiat Strada

- Created in conjunction with the FCA Design Center, the unique example is a sample of the increased portfolio of personalization of the best-selling pickup in Brazil

- About half of the more than 50 accessories are new for the New Fiat Strada

- All after-sales processes have been refined: the factory warranty is now 3 years and can reach 5 years with the Fiat Additional Warranty and the revision plan is the most competitive in the category

With the objective of maintaining the reference condition in the compact pickup truck category, the New Fiat Strada is the main launch of the Fiat Chrysler Automóveis (FCA) group in Latin America in 2020. And such a significant vehicle with so many evolutions could not be without a good after-sales program. Thus, Mopar - the FCA brand responsible for Fiat after-sales - has prepared a series of novelties to improve the consumer experience of the pickup, in several aspects.

Over 50 original accessories

Attentive to the behavior of customers in a market segment in which customization plays an important role, Mopar joined forces with the Design Center of FCA Latin America to create a show car. “The main objective is to make this unique example a mobile showcase of the enormous growth in the possibilities of personalization obtained with the work done to significantly expand the portfolio of original accessories for the New Fiat Strada”, says Luís Santamaria, director of Mopar for Latin America.

Based on a Strada Freedom cabin Plus, the “moparized” pickup truck gained its own personality even though it received only six accessories from the extensive portfolio developed by Mopar: removable trailer hitch, bucket divider, elongated santantonio (a variation of the piece offered to the public), carpets special rubber, bicycle holder and side stirrups. Also highlighted is the special plot applied to the body, with the front part highlighted by a bright blue that refers to the color of the Mopar world logo, and the rear in which black stands out. The mixture of colors represents the transition from a passenger vehicle to a cargo vehicle without losing Mopar's sportiness and customization DNA.

In total, there are more than 50 original accessories to personalize the new Fiat Strada, almost half of which are new to the model. Many of these accessories are already successful at Fiat Toro and are now available for the best-selling pickup truck in Brazil. Among the novelties there are side stirrups, santantonio, removable trailer hitch, bucket divider, bicycle holder, vertical and horizontal bucket bags, ladder holder and even internal spare tire holder, to make the most of the Plus cabin load space.

It is important to note that the original Mopar accessories have a 1 year warranty. Whether to make it more capable for work or just to make it more attractive, it has never been easier to build a Strada according to the consumer's needs.

Up to 5 years warranty

The New Fiat Strada now has a 3-year factory warranty with no mileage limit for vehicles for personal use. In the case of a vehicle for professional purposes, the contractual warranty is 3 years or 100,000 km (whichever comes first).

In addition, Mopar gave a lot of attention to those who want even more tranquility. For just R $ 1.80 a day it is possible to buy one of the Fiat Additional Warranty plans. These are 12 or 24 month plans with Ample coverage, with more than 10,000 items, and Engine and Exchange, focused on essential car items. This novelty is also valid for corporate customers, an exclusivity in the category.

Cheapest category reviews

The revision plan for the New Fiat Strada has become even more competitive among compact pickups. In versions with 1.3 engine, for example, the value of the first three revisions is R $ 1,284 - 27% lower than that of the main competitor. When analyzing the trio of initial revisions of versions with 1.4 engine, the total cost is R $ 1,336, 22% less than in the same rival in an equivalent version.

To top it off, Mopar offers a Customized Revision, in which the customer can assemble the revision plan according to their needs, guaranteeing discounts and fixed prices at the time of car purchase, in plans based on two revisions.

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