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Last week, Lamborghini gave us a glimpse of its most powerful, naturally-aspirated V12 engine yet with a set of teaser photos of the SCV12. The Italian supercar-maker also divulge us with a few details about the car, but a more in-depth look at the technical details will be released at a later date later this summer.

Now, Lamborghini Squadra Corse wants you to experience the SCV12 while on a test development session at Imola, albeit, virtually. Italian racing driver Emanuele Pirro was at the helm in this test session. You can watch the onboard video in this article, which we embedded on top of this page.

Gallery: Lamborghini SCV12

For the uninitiated, the Lamborghini SCV12 is a limited edition, track-only supercar that's co-developed with Lambo's motorsport division. Initial details reveal that the Bull brand works on the car's aerodynamic bits to give it a higher downforce rating than a GT3 car. These parts complete the aerodynamic package – a long hood, double air intake, prominent splitters up front, vertical fins on the side sills, and a central rib that directs airflow into the air intake scoop on the roof.

Of course, the main piece of this newest Lambo is the V12 engine under its hood, which, according to the marque, is "capable of exceeding 830 hp thanks to aerodynamic supercharging at high speed." This engine is mated to a sequential six-speed gearbox.

Power is exclusively sent to the rear 20-inch magnesium alloy wheels wrapped in specially-developed Pirelli tires. The front wheels measure 19 inches in diameter. The SCV12's weight hasn't been disclosed just yet, but Lamborghini said that its chassis is made of carbon fiber, so expect it to be really light. 

As of date, the SCV12's pricing details aren't out. Customers, however, will get access to a "very exclusive club" and various driving programs around the world.

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